Protect Your Business with an ID Checker.

Avoid having your liquor or tobacco license revoked with an ID Scanner from Tokenworks.

Our handheld or countertop ID Checker verifies and records ID cards presented by customers for alcohol, tobacco, or any age regulated product.

Starting at $695

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How an ID
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All TokenWorks ID Scanners

  • Scan drivers' licenses, state IDs, military IDs & Canadian IDs
  • Calculate & display the age of the cardholder
  • Easy to use. No buttons to press!
  • Help detect fake IDs, altered IDs or expired IDs
  • Record the scanner transaction
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Handheld ID scanner or countertop ID scanner

Scan and Verify Different Types of IDs

ID Checker Scans Barcode Licenses ID Checker Scans Magnetic Stripe Licenses
2D Barcode Magnetic Stripe

*Including IDs from Quebec after February 2009 and Georgia after November 2009